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Using Viking poop to understand climate change

The Boston Globe has posted an interesting article about geoscientist Robert D'Anjou, who is looking for Viking excrement in order to better understand ancient climate change. Scientists often search for pollen, for example, but changes in plant life can be a sign not only of climate change, but agriculture. Similarly, erosion

3,500-year-old toilet found in Vietnam

A latrine, complete with human and dog feces, has been found at Rach Nui in Vietnam. Archaeologists have found what is believed to be Vietnam's earliest latrine during the excavation of a neolithic village in the country's south. More than 30 preserved faeces from humans and dogs containing fish and shattered animal


io9 has posted an interesting article about poop โ€” ancient poop โ€” and how researchers extract DNA from it. s one of the great works of Western literature once so cogently observed, everybody does it โ€” and in the 99% or so of human history without sanitation services, humans pretty much