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Neolithic figurine found in Poland

A clay figurine dating back 7000 years has been found in a village in Poland. While walking in a field in one of the villages of Podkarpacie, an archaeologist from Wielkopolska came across a fragment of a clay figurine from around 7 thousand years ago, depicting a man. This is one

Clay figurine of thinking man found in Israel

The clay figurine of a man deep in thought, attached to a Middle Bronze Age pot, has been found in Yehud, Israel. “It seems they first prepared a pot characteristic of the period, and afterwards they added the unique statue, the likes of which have never before been discovered in previous

Marble figurine found in Turkey

A female figurine carved from marble has been found at the Neolithic town of Çatalhöyük in Turkey. Nine thousand years ago in Turkey, a large settlement called Çatalhöyük thrived for more than a millennium. Full of densely packed mud brick houses covered in paintings and symbolic decorations, its population hovered around

Roman goddess figurine discovered in England

Volunteers from the WallQuest community archaeology project and the Earthwatch Institute made the startling discovery at Arbeia Roman Fort. The dramatic discovery is a beautifully crafted miniature bronze figure of the Roman goddess Ceres which is thought to be a mount from a larger piece of furniture. Ceres was the goddess of

Roman Venus figurine found in England

A "pseudo Venus" figurine missing its head and pedestal has been found the Suffolk village of Long Melford. “The Venus statue, which would have had religious significance, is missing her head and would have been standing on a pedestal but she is reasonably well intact. “We know there’s a Roman town in

7-year-old finds Canaanite figurine in Israel

A 7-year-old boy has found a 3,400-year-old female figurine at Tel Rehov in northeastern Israel. A 3,400 year old statue was recently uncovered by a 7-year-old boy while on an outing with friends. Seven year old Ori Greenhut, from the communal settlement of Tel Te’omin in the Beit She?an Valley, went

Siberian idol dates back 11,000 years

A wooden statue discovered in a peat bog in Siberia has been dated back 11,000 years. He predicted that as a result of the latest tests, the Idol 'will get a huge recognition in the world and will show that the centre of cultural development in Eurasia was not only the

Desecrated Mars figurine found in Bulgaria

A desecrated figurine depicting the god Mars has been found in the Early Byzantine city of Missionis in Bulgaria. The Mars figurine had its head, arms, and legs removed as part of an anti-pagan ritual, according to the Bulgarian archaeologists. “This is a way in which the owner of this figurine demonstrated