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“The Ten Commandments” Sphinx recovered in California

The body of a giant Sphinx built for the 1923 movie "The Ten Commandments" has been removed from the sand in Guadalupe, California. The film crew originally built the sphinxes' body parts in Los Angeles, and transported them about 165 miles (266 kilometers) to Guadalupe, where they assembled them into giant,

Earliest Charles Dickens film discovered

The oldest surviving film featuring a Charles Dickens characters has been discovered by a British Film Institute curator. The film, which is just one minute long, depicts Joe dying in the freezing snow against a churchyard wall. As he falls to the ground a local watchman tries to help him and cradles

Trove of long-lost silent films found in New Zealand

A trove of throught-to-be lost silent films have been found in an archive in New Zealand. A late silent feature directed by John Ford, a short comedy directed by Mabel Normand, a period drama starring Clara Bow and a group of early one-reel westerns are among a trove of long-lost

Original 1930s King Kong figurine up for sale

Do you have an extra quarter million dollars  lying around? Are you a movie buff? Well, November 24 is your lucky day as that is when the original armature figurine used to film the 1930s version of King Kong is going up for sale. A tiny King Kong figurine that helped

The 10 most historically inaccurate movies

TimesOnline has compiled a list of the ten most historically inaccurate films. Braveheart, 1995 Not only was the Scottish hero William Wallace gruesomely executed in 1305, having been captured by the English at Falkirk, but seven centuries later his memory was exhumed, smeared with blue face paint and mutilated by Mel Gibson.