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Indus Valley civilization had first sophisticated financial exchange system

The Indus Valley Bronze Age civilization may have developed the first system of wage labour, financial exchange and measurement. Dr Bryan Wells, a researcher based at India's Institute of Mathematical Sciences, told The Daily Telegraph he had begun work on his thesis ten years ago when he first saw photographs of

10 of the world’s oldest companies

Mental_Floss has compiled a list of 10 of the world's oldest companies. Kong? Gumi Co., Ltd, just saw the end of its long run a couple of years ago. Up until 2006, the Japanese construction company had been going strong since 578 A.D. Yep, you read that right โ€“ 578 A.D.

Is taking treasure from shipwrecks piracy?

Greg Stem has made millions liberating treasure from shipwrecks, with many accusing him of bounty hunting. He claims, however, that he is just preserving history. In 2003, OME discovered the American Civil War-era SS Republic, 1,700 ft below sea level, 100 miles southeast of Savannah, Georgia. The 14,000 objects that were