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Residue analysis reveals Finland’s prehistoric dairy farming

An analysis of residue found on ancient pots have revealed Finland's dairy-farming past. The Finns are the world's biggest milk drinkers today but experts had previously been unable to establish whether prehistoric dairy farming was possible in the harsh environment that far north, where there is snow for up to four

2000-year-old tools found in Finland

Surveys in northern Finland have led to the discovery of 2,000-year-old stone tools. The most exceptional part of the archaeological find was a stone spear tip or a possible prehistoric knife, which was discovered close to the Norwegian border. The stone implement has been uncovered by high winds as it lay

Early crusader grave found in Finland

A well-preserved Crusader-era burial has been discovered by a metal detectorist scanning a field in Finland. Researchers found a grave dating back to the Crusade-era 12th century. The cadaver had been extremely well preserved allowing researchers to use new techniques to harvest information that would not have been previously possible. On top

3,000-year-old house found in Finland

Archaeologists in Finland are excavatin the remains of a house which was built 2,000-3,000 years ago. Archaeologists from the University of Helsinki are carrying out excavations of what they say is a unique Stone Age site at Järvenkylä in Virolahti in the far south-eastern part of the country. The most

Sacrificial animal remains found at stone monuments in Finland

The remains of animals sacrificed at seitas (stone monuments) in the 12th century have been found in Finland. The studies have already produced some results. “Based on radiocarbon dating, the oldest findings have been dated back to the 12th century”, says archaeologist Tiina Äikäs. Next to most of the examined