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1,000-year-old clam gardens found in Canada

Two First Nations clam gardens that date back 1,000 years have been found in the Canadian Arctic. The excavation of what appears to be an ancient food storage system along the beach of Russell Island, between Fulford Harbour and Swartz Bay, is helping to cast more light on the history and

Ancient fishing village found next to B.C. river

An ancient village, which dates back more than 1,300 years, has been found along the banks of the Babine River in British Columbia. In addition to the house remains, which we excavated this year, there were also about 1,000 cultural depressions which are used for caching food and other materials." In fact,

Thousands of First Nations artifacts found in British Columbia

Archaeologists working in Vernon, B.C. have uncovered thousands of First Nations artifacts, some of which date back more than 6,000 years. "One of the cool things we found … was what we think are the remains of a fishing net," archaeologist Clinton Coates told CBC News. "We found these 30 flat, notched

Highway construction threatens archaeological sites

Highway construction in Vancouver may destroy two first nations burial sites. Plaintiffs Bertha Williams and William Burnstick, represented by lawyer Jay Straith, charge that the government has known since 2006 that the road could damage ancient burial grounds dating back as far as 8,000 years, and yet it is proceeding anyway. "Construction

10,000-year-old campsite found in New Brunswick

An ancient campsite has been found in New Brunswick that proves First Nations people move through the area when portions of it was still under ice. "We had individual spear points that we knew were that old. But it's just we never had the sites to give us contextual information —

First Nations burial ground found in British Columbia

A First Nations cemetery has been discovered in the North Okanagan in British Columbia. Provincial archeology branch official Eric Forgeng says the bones have not been dated but there’s no question they are from a First Nations burial site. He says wear on the teeth is consistent with ancient diets that included

2,000-year-old remains to be reburied in First Nations ceremony

The bones of a 2,050-year-old man found underneath a parking lot in Peterborough, Ontario, will be reburied during a five-day spitiual ceremony by the Curve Lake First Nation's tribe. On Dec. 6, 1960, a city employee working on a new parking lot on the north side of Brock St. between

Land developer and First Nations community fight for site

A First Nations site on Vancouver Island, which dates back 1,800 years, is at the heart of a long-running saga between a developer and a First Nations community. Another discovery was the remains of a young child wearing a 400-bead, six-string necklace, meaning the child had some hereditary status says McLay,