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Million-year-old flint tools found in Spain

Researchers working in the La Mina area at Barranc de la Boella in Spain have uncovered 50 flint tools that are estimated to date back between 800,000-1,000,000 years ago. A set of 50 flint tools has been discovered in Barranc de la Boella, near Tarragona, a city 80 kilometres south of

Neolithic flint axes found in Denmark

Two Neolithic flint axes, the largest yet found, have been found in a drained bog near Tastum Lake. Archaeologists at nearby Viborg Museum theorise that the axes were placed in the bog as part of a ritual sacrifice sometime during the early Stone Age around 3800-3500 BC. “It’s fascinating that they could

Mammoth found, complete with flint embedded in its skull

A complete mammoth skeleton has been found in France, north-east of Paris. If that was not exciting enough, fragments of flint have been found embedded in its skull! The mammoth could have been attacked by one of the bands of Neanderthal men and women who wandered over the European tundra in

Gas main excavations unearths Stone Age artifacts

Gas main excavations in Monmouth have uncovered flint tools and bone fragments dating back to the Stone Age. They indicate hunter-gatherers used the River Wye for food and transport some 6,500 to 7,500 years ago. The late Mesolithic items show there were settlers in the area thousands of years earlier

Ice Age flint tools found during road works

Flint tools dating back to the Ice Age have been found during road repairs in Nottinghamshite, England. The Highways Agency said the finds included ancient flint tools and flint knapping debris dating back to about 11,000 BC - around the end of the last Ice Age when Stone Age hunter-gathers

10,000-year-old artifacts found in Norway

A collection of artifacts dating back 10,000 years have been found in Oslo, Norway. Archeologists now say Oslo's history will have to be re-written. They have made new escavations which show that people have lived on the Ekeberg heights east of the capital for 10,000 years. The artifacts found include flint chips

Mesolithic flint weapons found in Leicestershire, England

Excavations at a Prehistoric site in Leicestershire, England have turned up a large number of flint tools and flakes. Over 5000 worked flints came from this small area, including flint cores used for tool creation, blades, flakes and 'debitage' (small chips from tool-working), and scrapers, piercers and microlith tools with the latter

Stone Age weapons factory found in England

Archaeologists in Leicestershire have discovered an 8,000-year-old weapons factory. Archaeologist Wayne Jarvis, who has led the dig, said: "What we've collected are a large number of very early flint artefacts. It's an incredibly rare find. "We know from the shape of the flints that they are from the mesolithic period – about