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Earliest British gun flints found on Scottish Island

Gun flints dating back to the 16th-century have been found at the stronghold of Clan Morrison on the Scottish island of Dùn Èistean. Surrounded by sheer cliffs, the island of Dùn Èistean is separated from Ness, at the northern tip of the Isle of Lewis, by a 15-metre wide gap. It

Mesolithic flint tools found in England

Archaeologists working in Lincolnshire have uncovered hundreds of flint tools that are believed to date back to the Mesolithic period. The team from Allen Archaeology have excavated tonnes of mud from 3 metres below the ground, and sifting the earth has revealed knives probably used for hunting and cutting meat and

Ice Age tools found in England

A collection of tools dating back to the Ice Age have been uncovered at a Late Upper Paleolithic camp site in Leicestershire, England. The Bradgate Park Trust has commissioned the University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) to begin a new stage of work on a rare Late Upper Palaeolithic site at

Stone tools are earliest evidence of humans in Scotland

14,000-year-old stone tools found in Howburn are the earliest evidence of humans in Scotland. Primitive tools dug up by archaeologists in South Lanarkshire have been dated at 14,000 years old - making them the earliest evidence of humans in Scotland. The discovery follows a study of more than 5,000 flint artefacts recovered

Over 2,400 flints found in fire station yard

Construction work in the yard of a fire station in Guildford has led to the discovery of more than 2,400 flint. He said: "Most of the time you find it [the material] in caves, or in very disturbed environments, whereas here it's a very fine sand deposit, and therefore it's quite

1.4 million-year-old flint blade found in Spain

A flint blade, dating back 1.4 million years, has been found in the Elephant chasm cave at Atapuerca in Spain. The finding contradicts the theory of some researchers who believe Europe was populated in small waves without continuity by groups doomed to extinction because of their inability to adapt to new

Mesolithic camp site found in Yorkshire

More than 450 flint fragments, dating back 7,000 years, may suggest the existence of a Mesolithic campsite in Yorkshire, England. In the autumn more than 450 flint fragments were discovered, some of which are tools about 7,000 years old. Many are burnt, indicating the presence of camp fires or hearths. Archaeologists say

Neolithic tomb yields artifacts on Island of Guernsey

 A "spectacular" Neolithic tomb on the Channel Island of Guernsey has yielded 4,500-year-old pottery and flints and a greenstone ax head. He said: "We've found some quite significant archaeology. We've started to find structures that come away from the main gallery grave and we also have artefacts. "So far the