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Mosaic floor uncovered in England

A 1,600-year-old Roman mosaic floor has been unearthed in southeast England. The mosaic dates from 380 CE, in the last decades of Roman rule in Britain. It is 6 metres long, showing a range and combination of images that have not been seen on a Roman mosaic in the UK before. The

1,500-year-old mosaic floor found in Jerusalem

A 1,500-year-old mosaic floor containing a rare Greek inscription has been found in Jerusalem. An extremely rare ancient early Christian Greek inscription has been discovered about a kilometer north of Jerusalem’s Old City. The once-in-a-lifetime dream archaeological find was discovered by chance during infrastructure work for a phone cable. The intact 1,500-year-old

Roman floor uncovered in Alexandria

A Roman floor has been unearthed in the Moharam Bek district of Alexandria in Egypt. Aymen Ashmawi, the head of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Section, explained that the floor mosaic is unique in Egypt but similar mosaics have been found in several areas in Rome, including the Baths of Trajan and Hadrian’s

2,000-year-old mosaic floors found in Turkey

Five mosaic floors which date back more than 2,000 years have been found in necropolis in southeastern Turkey. Five floor mosaics believed to date back 2,000 years have been unearthed during excavations in the southeastern province of ?anl?urfa. According to a written statement released by ?anl?urfa Metropolitan Municipality, some rock tombs were

Mosaic floor unearthed in Turkey

A luxurious mosaic floor has been found in the ancient Roman city of Doliche in Turkey. Münster classical scholars discovered invaluable ancient Syrian mosaics and buildings and are excavating one of the few sites that are currently accessible for studies on ancient Roman Syria despite the tense political situation in the

4,000-year-old floor found in Ohio

The remains of a 4,000-year-old floored structure has been found in northeastern Ohio. "There's nothing like this anywhere in Ohio. It's very significant, a much more significant site than we previously thought," Redmond said. "These are house structures. This was like a village site." The builders lived in what archaeologists classify as

Illegally excavated mosaic leads to discovery of Roman city

The Roman city of Germenicia, which has lain hidden underground for over 1,500 years has been found thanks to an illegally excavated mosaic found under a house in Turkey. he Roman-era city of Germenicia was unearthed by chance during an illegal excavation in the basement of a house. Preliminary examinations showed

Happy birthday to 10,000-year-old Jericho

The city of Jericho has turned 10,000 and a 1,200-year-old carpet mosaic has been uncovered as part of the festivities. Visitors to ancient Jericho got a rare glimpse yesterday of a 1,200-year-old carpet mosaic measuring nearly 900 square meters, one of the largest in the Middle East. The small red,