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Spain’s Red Lady was buried with flowers

Pollen found in the 18,700-year-old tomb of Spain's Red Lady suggest that she was buried with flowers. The burial of the so-called Red Lady, dating back to the Upper Palaeolithic, was discovered in El Mirón cave (Cantabria) in 2010. The Journal of Archaeological Science has devoted a special edition to all

Victorian-era pressed flowers reveal climate change

Researchers are using pressed flowers collected during the Victorian era to shed light on climate change.  Ecologists compared samples of early spider orchids, held in collections with notes showing the exact day in spring when they were picked in southern England from 1848-1958, and dates when the same flower blossomed

4,000-year-old flowers found in Bronze Age grave

Flowers which date back 4,000 years have been found in a Bronze Age grave in Scotland. Proof that pre-historic people placed bunches of flowers in the grave when they buried their dead has been found for the first time, experts have said. Archaeologists have discovered a bunch of meadowsweet blossoms in a