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Rare colour footage of London Blitz found

Previously unseen colour footage of London during the Blitz has been found in an attic in England. The amateur footage includes images of bombed-out landmarks such as the John Lewis department store on Oxford Street. Sir Winston Churchill also makes a brief appearance in the footage as he reviews

Footage of the world’s first cellphone…from 1922

Film archvists in Britain have released footage which shows the world's first cellphone being used in 1922. The silent black and white film displays two women walking along an American street carrying a bulky flip-top phone. They then attach a wire from the device onto a fire hydrant before

WWII in colour

A new German documentary has coloured black and white footage of WWII to allow viewers to see the war as people back then did. Joey Cordevin, a spokeswoman for the film-makers, said: 'Most images from this war were made in black and white. 'But for this film they were

World War II colour footage discovered

Two canisters of colour WWII footage have been found after more than 60 years. Herman Graebner, 89, remembers virtually every detail of his four years in the U.S. Army. What he didn't reveal until recently though, was that he had shot two reels of color movie film of the action he

Rare colour footage of Winston Churchill

Rare colour TV footage of Sir Winston Churchill has been uncovered to mark the 50th anniversary of the college in his name at Cambridge University. In the recording of his remarkably prescient speech at the college the wartime Prime Minister declared his wish for Britain to continue as a world leader

Apollo 11 footage: Before and after restoration

NASA has released some videos showing the recently discovered raw footage from the Apollo 11 moon landings. Is it just me, or does the old footage look slightly better (apart from the occasional dust particle)?

Has NASA found the lost moon tapes?

Due to a record-keeping mix-up the original video tapes from the Apollo 11 moon landing mission were misplaced and presumed lost...until now. The result could mean new and amazingly clear footage from the historic mission. The following scenes, in which the astronauts move around the lunar lander, are so murky it

Rare footage of Queen Elizabeth II as a young woman

The BBC has released rare footage of the Queen of England as a teenager and a young woman. This collection follows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's journey from Princess to Queen, from her first broadcast at the age of 14 to the announcement of her accession at 24. The programmes reveal the