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Welsh footprints date back 7,000 years

Ancient footprints found in Wales have been dated back 7,000 years. Discovered in 2014, the pre-historic footprints of both children and adults at Port Eynon on the Gower peninsula were initially thought to date to the Bronze Age but analysis carried out at Cardiff University has revealed they are actually 3,000

Ancient footprints found in Egypt

Children's footprints dating back more than 3,000 years have been found in Egypt. Mysterious, 3,000-year-old footprints of ancient Egyptian children have emerged alongside rare painting fragments, at what appears to be the site of a royal palace or temple. The prints were uncovered at the remains of a large building in the

1.5-million-year-old footprints finish analysis

Analysis work has been carried out on footprints created by Homo erectus 1.5-million-years-ago found on the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya. In 2009, paleontologists discovered human-like footprints near the eastern shores of Lake Turkana in Ileret, Kenya. The fossilized tracks suggested similarities to modern human feet, including an arch, a

Homo erectus footprints found in East Africa

Researchers working in Eritrea have discovered fossilized footprints that may have been made by Homo erectus some 800,000 years ago. Today, the area lies in the middle of an arid desert, but 800,000 years ago the environment was very different. The fossilized footprints, which are almost indistinguishable to those of modern man,

2,500-year-old footprints found in Arizona

2,500-year-old footprints belonging to ancient farmers, children and dogs have been uncovered by construction near Tucson, Arizona. In particular, the tracks show adult farmers treading heavily across the fields while children scampered around them and a dog followed its owners faithfully. In another spot, a parent can be seen to have stooped

2,000-year-old footprint found at Vindolanda

A 2,000-year-old footprint found at the Romain site of Vindolanda in England is shedding life on the daily life of the soldiers and their families who lived on Hadrian's Wall. The partial print of a right foot, thought to be comparable with that of an adolescent has been dated to 160-180

Stone Age footprints found during tunnel excavation

Footprints left by fishermen 5,000 years ago have been found by archaeologists excavating ahead of tunnel construction in Denmark. The footprints were found alongside a metre-long system of fishing weirs used to feed a nearby Stone Age community. The discovery of the prints' close proximity to the weirs, suggest the fishermen attempted

Human footprints found in cave may be Europe’s oldest

New dating carried out on human footprints found in a Romanian cave have revealed the prints were made 36,500 years ago, making them Europe's oldest. About 400 footprints were first discovered in the cave in 1965. Scientists initially attributed the impressions to a man, woman and child who lived 10,000 to