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Preserved 300-million-year-old forest found under coal mine

A nearly 300-million-year-old forest has been found underneath a coal mine near Wuda, China. [Thx Mike G!] The study site, located near Wuda, China, is unique as it gives a snapshot of a moment in time. Because volcanic ash covered a large expanse of forest in the course of only a

A look at Antarctica’s fossilized forests

The BBC has posted an interesting article about the ancient forests that once covered Antarctica. One of her most amazing fossil discoveries to date was made in the Transantarctic Mountains, not far from where Scott made his own finds. She recalled: "We were high up on glaciated peaks when we found a

Ancient global warming caused tropical forest diversity

New research is showing that during a global warming phase 56.3 million years ago, tropical forests thrived. Researchers examined pollen trapped in rock cores and outcrops—from Colombia and Venezuela—formed before, during and after an abrupt global warming event called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum that occurred 56.3 million years ago. The