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Ancient fort found in Kundapur, India

The remains of an ancient fort have been found covered by shrubs, bushes and weeds in Kundapur, India. There are four watch towers around the fort, through which one can closely monitor movement in the sea route leading to the nearby shore. There are two underground passages and a canal with

Remains of colonial fort found in Florida

The remains of a wooden fort dating back to colonial times has been unearthed in St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine's city archaeologist, Carl Halbirt, says post holes and soil stains at the site indicate it may be one of the area's earliest wooden forts. Also discovered at the site are intact glass

Roman Legionary quarters found in Ukraine

Roman legionary quarters have been found on the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea. “The discovery suggests that there must have been a Roman fort here. We aren’t sure yet how big it was and where the borders were but we hope to find an answer to these questions,” says Karasiewicz-Szczypiorski. The

300-year-old French fort found near Lake Champlain

The remains of what may be a French fort dating back to the 1730s has been found on the Vermont shore of Lake Champlain. When engineers determined the old Lake Champlain Bridge was unsafe and needed to be replaced, it seemed like the regrettable end of a historic landmark.

Ancient Canaanite fortifications found in Jerusalem

The oldest example of massive fortifications ever found in Jerusalem, a 3,700-year-old wall, has been uncovered. The 26-foot-high wall is believed to have been part of a protected passage built by ancient Canaanites from a hilltop fortress to a nearby spring that was the city's only water source and vulnerable to

3,000-year-old hill fort found in Wales

A hill fort has been found in Denbighshire that may date back 3,000 years. Experts excavated Moel y Gaer in the Clwydian Range after tests suggested the Iron Age settlement (700 BC to 34 AD) might be older than first thought. Samples of metal slag and dry stone facing taken from an

Found: General Wellington’s French invasion command post

Portuguese archaeologists may have unearthed the headquarters of Luso-British troop commander General Wellington at a dig north of Lisbon. The General’s private quarters, a store room, a warehouse and a weapons locker were defined during the excavation. The division had been previously outlined in maps but this is the first time

Ancient Bharuch Fort crumbles in India

An ancient fort in Bharuch, India, is crumbling since no structural maintenance has been carried out for a long time. The historical fort was constructed between 1094 and 1143 AD by Siddhraj Jaysinh and renovated by Bahadur Shah between 1526 and 1536. One can read about its history from an inscription on