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7th-century earthworks found in Japan

An excavation on a hilltop on the island of Kyushu has found evidence of 7th-century fortifications. Ancient hilltop earthworks discovered here could offer the first hard evidence of Japan having had a walled city in the seventh century. The mound in northern Fukuoka Prefecture measures 500 meters or so, and is presumed

2,000-year-old Greek settlement found in Ukraine

A fortified Greek settlement which dates back 2,000 years has been found along the Dnieper River in Ukraine. Archaeologists determined that the settlement was probably founded in the 2nd century BC. Researchers also discovered the exact outline of its fortifications - defensive walls and ditches. In addition to defensive functions, the

Neolithic beacon towers found in China

Two beacon towers, part of the city walls, have been found at the 4,000-year-old Shimao Ruins in China. One of the towers is 18 meters long, 16 meters wide and four meters tall, while the other is 11.7 meters long, about 10 meters wide and three meters tall, said Su Zhouyong,

Spy satellites reveal Roman fortifications

Declassified spy satellite images have lead to the discovery of ancient Roman walls and fortifications in Romania. Archaeologists from two United Kingdom universities examining declassified spy photos rediscovered part of a what they believe is a series of Roman fortifications dating back to the 2nd century A.D. Although parts of the ruins

Iron-Age fortifications uncovered in Israel

The remains of an Iron-Age Assyrian harbour has been uncovered in present-day Israel. At the heart of the well-preserved fortifications is a mud-brick wall up to more than 12 feet wide and 15 feet high. The wall is covered in layers of mud and sand that stretch for hundreds of feet

Fortifications on Crete debunk myth of peaceful Minoan society

Archaeologists have found a fortification system at the Minoan toan of Gournia, debunking the popular myth that the Minoans were a peaceful society. The team weren’t able to excavate the area, and so relied on photography, drawing and surveying to identify the fortifications. The eastern-most promontory had a heavy wall

Medieval fortifications unearthed at Prague castle

The remains of a 9th century moat, a rampart dating back to the 10th-11th centuries, and an illustration of the castle have been unearthed in Prague. This one of a kind depiction was found on the lowest level of the stonework. As Ms. Marikova-Kubkova said, "this is the first

Lost of city of Anarthpura found?

A 4-km long fortification found south-west of Taranga Hills, India, may be evidence of the lost city of Anarthpura. "By the middle of the seventh century, Anarthpura was a forgotten name. This fact is also supported by the records of Huien Tsang who visited Anandapura (O-NAN-TO-PU-LO) in 641 AD. However, most