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Greek amphora unearthed at Israeli fortress

A greek amphora from the Greek isle of Lesbos has been found in the ancient fortress of Tel Qudadi in Tel Aviv. The find is the earliest known example to date of Lesbian ceramic work in the Mediterranean. What remains a mystery, the researchers say, is how the Lesbian amphora arrived at Tel

Byzantine winery unearthed on Black Sea coast

An ancient winery has been discovered during exploration of a Late Antiquity/Early Byzantine fortress on Bulgarias northern Black Sea coast. The supposed winery, according to reports, consisted of two stone buildings connected through a wooden passage. One of them would be filled with grapes that were pressed with large rectangular

Thracian fortress-sanctuary found in Bulgaria

A fortress-sanctuary, dubbed the "Bulgarian Machu Picchu", has been discovered 1,200 metres above sea level just outside of the Sredna Gora mountain range in Bulgaria. “The residence of the Odrysian kings is a monument unrivaled in scope in Southeastern Europe. I am convinced there is no other fortress-sanctuary dating back