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Trade silver found at colonial fort in Michigan

A 250-year-old piece of trade silver has been found at the site of a fur-traders home in Colonial Michilimackinac in Michigan. According to Dr. Lynn Evans, curator of archaeology at Mackinac State Historic Parks, the triangle-shaped artifact has a small hole in it, which means it was likely part of an

Outlines of 16th-century fort found in South Carolina

The outlines of the 16th-century fort San Marcos has been found using ground penetrating radar. Five centuries ago, two Spanish warships sailed to a marsh bank in the Lowcountry, a coastal jungle haunted by panthers, bison, elk and people the sailors considered savages. The bank was a foothold into the New

Traces of British fort found in Nova Scotia

Archaeologists working at Lunenburg Academy have found evidence of a 250-year-old British fort. About a dozen adult students taking part in a continuing education class at Saint Mary's University spent the weekend learning the basics of archeology and searching for the remains of a British star-shaped fort from 1753. "You really don't

Timber from 4,900-year-old fort found in Wales

4,900-year-old timber that once supported a fortified farmhouse has been found in Wales. The fortified farmhouse on stilts in the middle of an ice age lake is so old it could have even been built before Stonehenge was created. At 4,900 years old it's probably even older than the Pyramids and was

Early Roman fort found in Italy

Lidar technology has led to the discovery of an early Roman fort, dating back to 178 B.C., near Trieste, Italy. The finding is big news for researchers studying the Roman Empire—the timing of building of the fort coincides with the second Istrian War. The early Romans were keen to protect a

Celtic chariot fittings found at Iron Age fort

Celtic chariot fittings dating back to the Iron Age have been found at a hillfort in Leicestershire. After cleaning, decorative patterns became visible in the metalwork – including a triskele motif showing three waving lines, similar to the flag of the Isle of Man. It is thought the chariot would have

First-century Roman fort found in Germany

A Roman fort dating back to the first century has been found in southern Germany. In the course of an educational dig in Gernsheim in the Hessian Ried, archaeologists have discovered a long lost Roman fort: A troop unit made up out of approximately 500 soldiers (known as a cohort) was

Luxurious bath complex found at Roman fort

A bath complex, unusual for its luxury, has been found at the Roman fort of Asparos in Georgia. "In general, thermal baths built for the military were not luxurious. That is why we were surprised by the discovery of mosaics ornamenting the floor. We also unveiled a large part of cool