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Whale graveyard found in China

A whale graveyard, containing 80 fossils, has been found in China. 'In 15 days, we have had almost 15 whales. It really was a surprise. We didn't expect to find so many fossils in one place,' said Vega. The team has been carefully extracting the ancient remains from the site since May. Chief

Whale fossil shows evidence of shark attack

A 40-million-year old fossil of a new species of whale bears marks that indicate it was attacked by a shark. The whale most likely met its demise at the mouth of an ancient shark. Tooth marks on its ribcage indicate it might have been attacked from its right flank, similar to

Creature with 50 legs was top seafloor predator

A new fossil of a foot-long 50-legged creature which lived 500-million-years ago has been found in Canada. Reporting the discovery Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, researchers led by Nicholas Minter of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada suggest that Tegopelte was a fearsome predator or perhaps

The true colours of fossilized beetles revealed

A new study has revealed that the metallic rainbow sheen that is the mark of a fossilized beetle actually becomes redder over time. To reveal the insects' true colors, Yale University postdoctoral researcher Maria McNamara and her colleagues took tiny samples from beetle fossils dating back 15 million to 47 million

Earliest record of beaver found in Oregon

The earliest record of beavers existing in North America has been found in Oregon. An archaeologist discovered two fossil teeth on the boundary of the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument near Dayville that represent the earliest record of a beaver in North America. The molar and premolar -- back teeth --

6-year-old uncovered 160-million-year-old fossil

A little girl in England was digging in the dirt with a plastic spade when she came across a 160-million-year-old ammonite fossil. The fossilised sea creature has a spiral-patterned shell with inch-long bristles jutting from it to ward off predators – and which inspired Emily to nickname it ‘Spike’. It was

Crocodiles ancestor found in Colombian coal mine

The 60-million-year old fossilized remains of a crodocile ancestor has been uncovered in the same Columbian mine as the world's largest snake. The findings, outlined in the journal Paleontology, suggest that members of these two predatory species might have fought to the death 60 million years ago. Titanoboa measured an incredible

New species of ancient predatory fish found

A new species of predatory fish which lived 375-million-years ago has been discovered. The Devonian Period (415 to 360 million years ago) is often described as the Age of Fishes because of the rich variety of aquatic forms that populated the ancient seas, lagoons and streams. Laccognathus embryi is a lobe-finned