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Foundations of large Anglo-Saxon building found in Scotland

The foundations of a large Anglo-Saxon building which dates back 1,200 years has been found in a field in Aberlady, Scotland. The dig unearthed evidence of a large structure, with the stone foundation of a wall along its short end. Mr Malcolm said the structure would have to be significant because of

Medieval hospital foundations found under English Theatre

The medieval foundation of St. Leonard's Hospital, have been found underneath the York Theatre Royal in England. It was previously thought that the Victorians destroyed the foundations of St Leonard’s Hospital (one of the largest and most important hospitals in medieval England) when building the theatre on the site. Last week

Viking feasting hall found in Sweden

Archaeologists working in Sweden has located the foundation of a Viking feasting hall. The Aska barrow, where the hall has been found, was long seen as a burial mound. But archaeologists have now revealed that it is a foundation platform for a large building, most likely dating from the Viking Period.

Unknown medieval complex found in England

A mysterious collection of medieval buildings, with no known trace in the historical record, has been unearthed on a farm in Somerset, England. The handsome floor tiles match some from nearby Glastonbury Abbey, suggesting that the site may have had religious connections. But although thousands of monastic foundations were demolished and

The oldest houses in Sri Lanka

The foundations of the oldest human dwellings in Sri Lanka have been uncovered in Haldummulla. The archaeological site in Koswatta, Haldummulla, is situated 850 meters above sea level and it is the highest ground that remains of ancient human dwellings have been reported. The archaeologists have recovered the foundations of four