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Ancient estate with mosaic fountain found in Israel

Construction work in central Israel has unearthed a 10th-11th century estate with a mosaic fountain in the garden. "This is the first time that the fountain's plumbing was discovered completely intact. The pipes of other fountains did not survive the earthquakes that struck the country in 1033 and 1068 CE," Torgë

Gargoyle crumbles off of Rome’s Trevi fountain

City officials are blaming heavy snowfall as the reason behind why ornate stucco reliefs have crumbled off of Rome's historic Trevi fountain. As hundreds of tourists lobbed pennies into the fountain's pool on Monday, workmen were erecting scaffolding around a section of the facade where fragments of a gargoyle's head and

Ancient Mayans likely had fountains and toilets

The ancient Mayans had enough engineering know-how to master running water, creating toilets and even fountains. Perhaps the earliest known example of the intentional creation of water pressure was found on the island of Crete in a Minoan palace dating back to roughly 1400 BC. In the New World, the ability