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This Tiny French Archipelago Became America’s Alcohol Warehouse During Prohibition

French Archipelago Was America’s Alcohol Warehouse During Prohibition

This Tiny French Archipelago Became America’s Alcohol Warehouse During ProhibitionThe tiny islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon—cold, fogbound and windswept specks in the North Atlantic midway between New York City and Greenland—lie far closer to polar bears and icebergs than the speakeasies and clubs where Americans tippled during Prohibition. But

Luxury Roman neighbourhood discovered in southern France

A Roman neighbourhood of luxury homes and public buildings has been found on the banks of the Rhone River in France. A “little Pompeii” is how French archaeologists are describing an entire ancient Roman neighbourhood uncovered on the outskirts of the southeastern city of Vienne, featuring remarkably preserved remains of luxury

Roman mosaic uncovered in southern France

A Roman mosaic dating back to the 1st century B.C. has been uncovered in southern France. The archaeologists have identified two large mosaics decorated with traditional geometric motifs framing two central medallions composed of crowns, rays and chevrons. One of the medallions is surrounded by polychrome animals – an owl, a

38,000-year-old pointillist images discovered in France

Pointillist images have been found in southwestern France. The artistic techniques used by Vincent van Gogh and Georges Seurat were considered groundbreaking in their day, but a recent discovery in southwestern France shows that people were using similar artistic methods about 38,000 years ago, a new study finds. Archaeologists found 16 limestone

Roman restaurant found in France

An ancient Roman restaurant, dating back 2,100 years, has been unearthed in southern France. he dining complex in the ancient town of Lattara was open for business as the Romans conquered the area, bringing with them ideas that would shake up the local economy and way of life. According to the

Cave paintings may depict volcanic eruption

36,000-year-old spray-like paintings found in Chauvet-Pont D’Arc Cave in France may be the oldest-known depictions of a volcanic eruption. Fearsome animals such as woolly rhinoceroses, cave lions and bears dominate Chauvet’s imagery. But one of its innermost galleries — named after a giant deer species, Megaloceros, that is depicted there —

WWII plane crash site found in France

A British aviation archaeologist believes he has found the site of a WWII plane crash in a farmer's field in France. Graves believes he has located the aircraft in a field near a village in Normandy, and he wants to excavate the site. "If there are any remains here, the police will

560,000-year-old human tooth found in France

An adult tooth dating back more than half-a-million years has been found at Arago Cave in France. The tooth could be the oldest human remains found in France. It predates by 100,000 years the famous Tautavel man, a 20-year-old prehistoric hunter and ancestor of Neanderthal man, who was discovered at the