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19th-century French church to be demolished

A neo-Gothic 19th-century church that dominates the town of Gesté, France, is to be torn down due to it's size, condition, and budget concerns. It was built on the ruins of a 16th-century church that was destroyed in the French Revolution. Although the church, dedicated to St. Peter, is arguably the

How the French revolution gave birth to the restaurant business

Mental_Floss has posted an interesting article about how the French revolution gave birth to the restaurant business. Back in the Middle Ages, fine dining was a privilege enjoyed exclusively by feudal lords who had their own grand kitchens and personal chefs. The only commercial eateries for the masses were seedy roadside

Thousands beheaded in French Revolution named

The names of thousands of people beheaded during the French Revolution will be made available online for the first time. "The collection will be of huge interest to the six million Brits with French ancestry, some of whom will be descended from the French citizens who fled to Britain during that