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1,600-year-old frescoes undergo cleaning by laser

The 1,600-year-old frescoes in the Catacomb of St. Domitilla have been cleaned using laser technology. Laser instruments were used to burn away the dirt and deposits, leaving only the rich colours of the frescoes beneath. “When we started work, you couldn’t see anything – it was totally black. Different wavelengths and chromatic

Detailed frescoes found in 1,400-year-old Chinese tomb

A detailed fresco depicting two maids has been found inside a 1,400-year-old tomb in China. Archaeologists in central China's Hunan Province said Monday that they had recently discovered an ancient tomb, with a fresco depicting two maids, that could date back over 1,400 years. Luo Shengqiang, an expert with the city's cultural

Fragments of Roman fresco found in Israel

Fragments from brightly coloured Roman frescoes have been found in Zippori National Park in Israel. The fragments include the head of a lion, a horned animal, a bird and a tiger’s hindquarters – all of which were discovered in what was a monumental building located at the end of an ancient

2,000-year-old room discovered in Rome

Construction works have unearthed a 2,000-year-old room in Central Rome during installation of a new gas pipeline. As they began to remove pieces of earth from the road, a large chasm opened up in the road extending down into the dark, four meters below. At first, the workmen thought it was an

Frescoes restored at home of Emperor Augustus

A project to restore the frescoes at Palatine Hill is now complete after years of restoration work. Lavishly frescoed rooms in the houses of the Roman Emperor Augustus and his wife Livia are opening for the first time to the public Thursday, after years of painstaking restoration. The houses on Rome's Palatine

Fresco stolen from House of Neptune in Pompeii

A portion of a small fresco, depicting Artemis and Apollo has been chipped away and stolen from the House of Neptune in Pompeii. Citing an employee at the world's largest open-air museum, newspapers Il Mattino and Il Messaggero said the fresco portion, measuring roughly 20x20 cm, has been missing from the

Leopard fresco found on wall of 3rd-century shop

A fresco depicting a leopard has been found on the wall of a 3rd-century shop unearthed in the ancient city of Tripolis in Turkey. “We know that the walls of the important buildings in the Roman era were covered with frescoes. We found one of the examples of it. There are

Colosseum cleaning reveals ancient frescoes

Restoration work at the Colosseum in Rome has revealed ancient frescoes and graffiti in an internal passageway between the second and third levels. The frescoes were hidden under decades of calcified rock and grime, and were revealed during a cleaning and restoration project over the last two months. The traces confirmed