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Ancient Egyptian seal found in Israel

An Egyptian seal which dates back 3,500 years has been found in the Lower Galilee. While on a hiking trip with his children at the Karnei Hittin historic site, Amit Haklai noticed a conspicuous, white object amidst the black basalt rocks. On closer inspection, Haklai noticed that it was carved in

1,700-year-old inscriptions found in Galilee

Three funerary inscriptions dating back 1,700 years have been found in Galilee. “One of the surprises in the newly discovered inscriptions is that one of the deceased was called ‘the Tiberian’. This is already the second instance of someone from Tiberias being buried in the cemetery at Tzipori. “It is quite possible

New mosaics found in Galilee synagogue

Researchers working in the east aisle of a 5th-century synagogue in Galilee have uncovered new portions of floor mosaics. New digging reveals that the inscription is in the center of a large square panel with human figures, animals and mythological creatures arranged symmetrically around it, Magness said. These include winged putti

Remains of ancient mass banquet found in cave

The remains of a massive banquet from 12,000 years ago have been found in a cave in northern Israel.A team excavating a burial cave in Galilee, northern Israel, uncovered the remains of at least 71 tortoises and three wild cattle. The shells and bones showed evidence of the animals being

Ancient Roman synagogue found in rural Galilee

An 1,600-year-old synagogue has been found outside of Galilee in Israel at Horvat Kur. To the east of the monumental wall, the researchers found a totally different situation, indicating that this space was inside the building: Here a low bench made of hewn stones and covered with grey plaster runs