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Medieval remains found in English garden

Human remains dating back to the 13th or 14th centuries have been found in a garden in northern England. The remains, which include a skull, were found in the Fenwick area, between Matfen and Stamfordham, in February. The county council's archaeological team said the bones could be linked to

Pensioner finds plesiosaur fossil in garden rockery

A pensioner in England has discovered a 135-million-year old fossil of a plesiosaur's paddle bone in his garden rockery. Last week stunned John was told the results, which showed it was part of a Plesiosaur's paddle bone from the Jurassic period in ''stunning condition''. Experts described it as ''very

Ship’s weapon dug up in garden

Bar shot from the 1700s, designed to destroy a ship's rigging, has been unearthed in a garden in Scotland. Retired marine archaeologist Dr Colin Martin said the ammunition was designed for tearing a ship's rigging. But he said it could be from one of two warships that attacked Morven in 1746. Before

Two Roman skeletons unearthed in English garden

The remains of two skeletons from when the Romans ruled Britain have been found in Mowmacre, England, when residents of the home were digging a pond. Experts from the city council and the University of Leicester have inspected the grave's contents and believe it could be part of a cemetery, probably

Ancient grave discovered in private garden in Russia

A family in Kursk, Russia, has found a 4,000 year old tomb in their garden. It is interesting that last year during earthworks the same family came across a clay pot, which is about 4 thousand years old, as archeologists say. In addition to that recently they have dug up a

Gardener digs up ancient fortune

The owner of a Herefordshire home keeps findings valuable antiques whenever she tends to her garden. Her haul includes a diamond ring, solid gold Victorian watch, Edwardian chainmail bag, brooches, medals and coins - and even an ancient plough. Long, 57, first hit a stash of hundreds of Victorian bottles at