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Gaza treasures at risk due to war and neglect

The Gaza Strip has been a tumultuous place for a while and beneath the area are centuries of treasures that have yet to be unearthed and preserved, and the sites that are found are under constant risk of damage from the battles going on around. "A bomb directly hit the Byzantine

5,000 years of history beneath the Gaza Strip

5,000 years worth of history lies buried beneath the sands of the Gaza strip due to the lack of funding and tools to excavate. In Zawayda village, 15 kms (10 miles) from Gaza City, Abu Halabyea's ministry struggles to preserve the site of the Saint Hilarion monastery, battling lack of know-how

Reining in the Gaza Strip antiquities black market

Authorities in the Gaza Strip are trying to rein in the black market trade of archaeological treasures. "Gaza was for centuries the primary trade outlet of the hinterland of Jordan and the greater Arabian Peninsula," says Salim al-Mubaid, a professor at Gaza's Islamic University. "The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Mamluks, and