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How genealogy research can open up ‘Pandora’s box’

Apparently 1 in 8 people who have researched their genealogy have reported conflicts with relatives that have arisen out of their research. For building a family tree combines the need to retain the sharp mind of a personal investigator with a love of the past.But now academics are warning that

Details of original Australian convicts released

The personal details of convicts sent down under 200 years ago have been put online. The British government has released the details to coincide with Australia Day on Tuesday, allowing individuals to search through an online data base to check if they are descended from criminals. If they do find they

Tens of thousands of historic wills put online

190,000 wills, some dating back to the 14th century, have been put online on the National Library of Wales’ website. Among the wills available at the click of a button are Twm Sion Cati's, known as the Welsh Robin Hood, and hymn writer William Williams, Pantycelyn. Officials said it had taken more

Thousands beheaded in French Revolution named

The names of thousands of people beheaded during the French Revolution will be made available online for the first time. "The collection will be of huge interest to the six million Brits with French ancestry, some of whom will be descended from the French citizens who fled to Britain during that