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Genghis Khan’s fortress unearthed in Mongolia

Archaeologists believe they have discovered the remains of a 13th-century fortress built for Genghis Khan. The researchers surveyed ruins about 880 kilometers west of Ulan Bator in 2001 and found that geographical features around them were similar to the landscape depicted in a travel book written by a medieval Chinese Taoism

Ancient city ruled by Genghis Khan’s heirs uncovered

The 750-year-old remains of a city ruled by the descendants of Genghis Khan has been unearthed in Russia. The city’s name was Ukek and it was founded just a few decades after Genghis Khan died in 1227. After the great conqueror’s death his empire split apart and his grandson Batu Khan,

Genghis Khan, Eco-Terrorist

A new study has found that Genghis Khan was the greenest invader in history, killing so many people that carbon levels plummeted. [Thx Darby!] The Mongol leader, who established a vast empire between the 13th and 14th centuries, helped remove nearly 700million tons of carbon from the atmosphere, claims a new

Nine historic figures whose bodies may be missing

Mental_Floss has posted an interesting list detailing nine historic figures whose bodies may be missing. 3. Genghis Khan. Speaking of tyrants, here’s another one who has gone missing. Unlike Vlad, though, Genghis has disappeared at his own request. He asked to be buried in an unmarked grave and his wishes

Help find the tomb of Genghis Khan

Wired has posted an interesting article on how you can help in the search for Genghis Khan's tomb by studying satellite imagery from the comfort of your own home. By combining the use of high tech tools and crowdsourcing, their small team of explorers, led by Albert Lin, turns into

Documents from Vatican’s secret archives published for first time

A series of documents, including a 13th-century letter from Genghis Khan's grandson demanding homage from the pope, have been release from the Vatican's secret archives. The Holy See’s archives contain scrolls, parchments and leather-bound volumes with correspondence dating back more than 1,000 years. High-quality reproductions of 105 documents, 19 of which have

The search for the tomb of Genghis Khan

The search for the tomb of Genghis Khan continues in Mongolia. According to legend, when Genghis Khan died in 1227 in what is now northern China, his lieutenants wanted to keep the death a secret from the Mongols’ enemies. So as the party accompanying his body made its way back to

The high-tech search for the Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan

Researchers armed with the latest technology are searching for the tomb of Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol empire and one of the world’s greatest and most ruthless emperors. According to legend, Khan died in 1227 near the Liupan mountains of China and is thought to be buried in the northeastern