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Stonehenge quarries identified in Wales

The origin of Stonehenge's bluestones have been traced back to outcrops of natural pillars at Carn Geodog and Craig Rhos-y-felin in the Preseli Hills of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, in Wales. The very large standing stones at Stonehenge are of ‘sarsen’, a local sandstone, but the smaller ones, known as ‘bluestones’,

Blue gemstone is oldest known piece of earth

A 4.4-billion-year-old gem found on an Australian sheep ranch is the oldest known piece of Earth yet found. Scientists using two different age-determining techniques have shown that a tiny zircon crystal found on a sheep ranch in Western Australia is the oldest known piece of our planet, dating to 4.4 billion

The earth is younger than previously thought

A new geological study has found that the eatch is 4.537 billion years old, making it 70 million years younger than previously thought. To confirm Earth's age, the team compared elements in its mantle to those in meteorites that are the same age as the Solar System. The group reports

How Britain became an island

A prehistoric 'super-river' is the reason why Britain was cut off from Europe. An Anglo-French study has revealed that long before the English Channel there was a giant river which ran south from an area of the North Sea. Previous research found that 500,000 years ago a range of low hills connected