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George Washington Slept Here

George Washington Slept Here

George Washington Slept HereA great and good man, but bringing him to life in a debunking age is a hard row to hoe“I not being so good a woodsman as the rest of my Company striped my self very orderly and went in to the Bed as they call’d it

George Washington’s home to be rebuilt

Excavations at Ferry Farm, the boyhood home of President George Washington, has revealed it's foundations opening up the possibility of rebuilding the structure. If all goes well, that may mean they could break ground in 2013 to reconstruct Washington's boyhood home. "The goal is to reconstruct or build a structure of what

George Washington’s recipe for beer

The New York Public Library has published a recipe for "small beer" created by George Washington in 1757. The recipe, which was found in Washington's "Notebook as a Virginia Colonel", lists the ingredients as bran hops, yeast and molasses – an addition that may explain his infamously rotten teeth. "Take a large

George Washington’s $300,000 library fine

Librarians in New York have discovered two missing books that were checked out by George Washington in 1789. The first president of the United States of America borrowed two books from the New York Society Library in 1789 but failed to return them. Adjusted for inflation, he has since racked

George Washington letter sells for $3.2 million

A letter written by George Washington which praises the new Constitution has been sold at auction for $3.2 million. The four-page letter in Washington's slanting penmanship was written to his nephew Bushrod Washington in November 1787, according to Christie's, the company that auctioned it. It was in the possession of an unidentified