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7,000-year-old vertical burial found in Germany

The 7,000-year-old remains of a young man who was buried in an unusual vertical position has been found in Germany, 50 miles north of Berlin. From the arrangement of the bones, the researchers speculate the young man was put — probably dead — into a 5 foot vertical pit. Leaning with its

WWII bunker relocated to make way for road

A World War II-era German bunker has been relocated to make way for a new road in Poland. Polish workers on Thursday moved a World War II-era German bunker weighing some 500 tons that was obstructing the construction of an expressway linking Warsaw and Gdansk. Two cranes were used to

Unexploded WWII bomb found in Southampton

An unexploded German bomb from WWII has been uncovered at a building site in Southampton, England. Hampshire police said the 45kg (100lb) device was found by construction workers in London Road at 1005 GMT. A 200m (220yd) area was cordoned off and buildings evacuated. Some people are now being

Pirate’s skull stolen from German museum

A nail-pierced skull belonged to the medieval pirate Klaus Störtebeker has been stolen from a museum in Hamburg, Germany. [Thx @deep470] "We are all very upset about the theft," museum director Lisa Kosok said in the press release. "We very much hope that it will either be returned or found." The museum

How 67 sailors survived German sinking in WWII

A British seaman's war-time log has been discovered that discloses how 67 sailors survived 20 days and 1,200 miles adrift at sea after their ship was sunk by a German U-boat. The men were stranded in four lifeboats and survived on water biscuits, raisins and the odd raw fish caught by

WWI soldier’s journal reveals odd name-calling trench truce

A journal written by a British soldier in the trenches during WWI mentions an odd moment where the fighting stopped so the two sides could make fun of each other. It details how the opposing trenches were sometimes so close that the two sides would call a temporary truce to exchange

Studying WWII Shipwrecks in the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’

Researchers are on a three-week expedition to study the WWII shipwrecks from the Battle of the Atlantic, sunk in 1942 in a region off North Carolina known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic". The region off North Carolina is home to includes vessels from U.S. and British naval fleets, merchant ships