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Nazi arctic base rediscovered

The remains of a secret WWII-era German base has been rediscovered near the North Pole. "This summer in the Arctic was very warm, so the entire area of Schatzgrabber was completely free of snow and ice, which made it possible to explore the area fully," team leader Evgeny Ermolov, a senior

WWII bomber recovered from Baltic Sea floor

German military divers have recovered the remains of a rare Stuka dive-bomber wreck found recently on the floor of the Baltic Sea. More photos can be seen here. [thx to Chulian for the links!] The Stuka wreck, first discovered in the 1990s when a fisherman's nets snagged on it, lies about

Wreck of German U-boat found off Scottish coast

A twelve year search for U-1206, a German U-boat which sunk 70 years ago, has come to an end after a team of divers found the wreckage off the coast of Scotland. “Most dives we do involve discovering a wreck and then finding out her story. “This was the first one

Did ancients German steal chair design from the Egyptians?

Folding chairs from Europe which date back 3,500 years are remarkably similar in design to folding chairs found in Egypt prompting researchers to look into this as a case of ancient industrial espionage. The fact that the design reached so far north led many scholars to posit that northern Europeans developed

First colour pictures of Nazi surrender in WWII

The only known colour photographs of the German surrender during WWII have gone on display for the first time in 64 years. Ronald Playforth covertly captured one of the most historic events of the 20th century after sneaking into a clump of trees overlooking the scene of the surrender. With his camera,