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Timbers from solar boat found on Giza Plateau

More timbers from Pharaoh Khufu's second solar boat have been found on the Giza Plateau. The beams were in poor condition and the team had carried out preliminary restoration work in situ before transporting them to the Grand Egyptian Museum where they would be comprehensively restored before being exhibited, Zidan said. Khufu’s

5,000-year-old funerary boat found in Egyptian cemetery

A funerary boat belonging to King Den has been found at an Archaic period cemetery northeast of the Giza Plateau. The funerary boat was buried with royalty, as ancient Egyptians believed it would transfer the king's soul to the afterlife for eternity. Unearthed in the northern area of Mastaba number six (a

Explore Egypt’s Giza Plateau in 3D

A 3D virtual rendition of the Giza Plateau has been posted online for you to explore. It's pretty cool! Engineered by software design firm Dassault Systèmes, in collaboration with Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the free application is available on multiple devices, including 3-D-enabled computer monitors

400 burials found on Giza Plateau

The burials of 400 'poor' people, dating back between 2,700 to 2,000 years ago, have been found on the Giza plateau in Egypt. The burials were found beside a 200-meter long ancient wall called the 'Wall of the Crow,' that was first constructed in the time of the pyramids."These graves

The Sphinx’s protective wall uncovered

A 3,400-year-old wall which once protected the Sphinx from desert winds has been uncovered on the Giza plateau. The two sections of mud-brick wall, which stretch for 132 meters (433 feet) in total, have been dated to the reign of Thutmose IV, the council said in an e-mailed statement. According