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Remains of Iron Age horse found in glacier

The remains of a horse which dates back to the Iron Age has been found in melting glacier ice in Norway. "It shows that they were using horses for transport in the high alpine zone, in areas where we were quite surprised to find them," Lars Pilø, the head of snow

Retreating glaciers reveal WWI relics

Retreating glaciers in the Italian Alps has revealed more than 200 rusted explosives from WWI. The explosives – probably stored in an ammunition dump carved into what was once a massive glacier – were discovered by mountain-rescue experts during a routine border-police patrol. They emerged from the 10,500-foot-high Ago di Nardis glacier

Plane wreckage from 1966 found in French Glacier

Hikers in France have found the wreckage of an Air India plane that went down in 1966, complete with an intact pouch of Indian diplomatic mail. Rescuer Arnaud Christmann said the hikers alerted the tourist office in Chamonix that they had seen something beneath a glacier that looked like a wheel.

Ancient coat found in melting glacier

A male hunter's coat which dates back to 300 A.D. has been found in a melting glacier in Norway. In total, seventeen textiles and garments have been received at the museum, including a leather shoe and several other pieces of clothing. However, the men’s coat is the first one that has

Drinking ancient ice core water

Edible Geography has put up a fascinating interview with Paul Mayewski, an ice core researcher who often times drinks the objects of his study! Edible Geography: What does it taste like? Paul Mayewski: It tastes about as clean as anything can taste. It doesn’t have a lot of anything in it. When

Glacier spews out million-year-old microbes

I thought this was pretty fascinating…the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica is spewing out million-year-old microbes, giving the glacier the appearance of bleeding. This five-story, blood-red waterfall which pours out of the Taylor Glacier located in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys was first discovered back in 1911. Originally they thought the red

Origin of Antarctic ice revealed

Scientists have been able to pinpoint the location where the first Anarctic ice sheet formed, 14 million years ago, in the Gamburtsev mountains. Dr Sun's team then attached radar equipment to the tractor and drove around, meticulously surveying a 30km by 30km square of the glacial region. Their radar revealed a landscape