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Göbekli Tepe obsidian blades belonged to pilgrims

Analyses of 11,000-year-old obsidian blades found at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, suggests that the site was the hub of a pilgrimage. "The real strength of our work is this incredible specificity; we can say exactly which mountain it comes from, and sometimes even which flank of the volcano," Carter told LiveScience

Göbekli Tepe: The world’s oldest “place of cultic activity”

Today's Zaman has posted up an interesting interview with German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt where he discuss the importance of the site he is working on: Göbekli Tepe, the oldest "place of cultic activity". “I was in Turkey with a fellow archaeologist to visit some Neolithic sites and Göbekli Tepe was one

Turkish temple predates civilization

Newsweek has an interesting article about Göbekli Tepe, a temple complex in Turkey that predates the pyramids is rewriting human history. Standing on the hill at dawn, overseeing a team of 40 Kurdish diggers, the German-born archeologist waves a hand over his discovery here, a revolution in the story of human