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Roman sculpture of Diana found in Serbia

A marble sculpture of Diana, the Goddess of the hunt, has been found in a Roman palace in Serbia. At the site of the ‘Felix Romuliana’, an imperial palace near the Town of Zajecar, German experts of the Archeology Institute in Frankfurt, together with the colleagues of the Archeology Institute

Four ancient egyptian wells discovered

Archaeologists in Egypt have found four ancient wells that were part of a newly-discovered Sacred Lake in a temple to the Egyptian goddess Mut. Two of them have circular shapes with a 210-220 cm diameter, while the other two are square. They are believed to have been used by the people for daily

Ancient sacred lake unearthed in Tanis, Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered the site of a pharaonic-era sacred lake in a temple to the Egyptian goddess Mut. The ministry said the lake, found 12 meters below ground at the San al-Hagar archaeological site in Egypt's eastern Nile Delta, was 15 meters long and 12 meters wide and built out of

16,000 year-old mother goddess figurine found in Turkey

Archaeologists excavating the Direkli Cave in Turkey have unearthed a 16,000-year-old goddess figurine. Noting that it was the third cave excavation of Turkey, Erek said that the clay mother goddess figurine they found was 16,000 years old. Erek said that the figurine showed that the social status of women was very