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Depiction of unknown god found in Turkey

Archaeologists working in Turkey have uncovered the image of an unknown bearded diety in an ancient sanctuary in Turkey. Münster archaeologists excavated a unique Roman relief depicting an unknown god in an ancient sanctuary in Turkey. According to a first assessment, the one and a half metre (five feet) high basalt

Egyptian stele lists offerings to the gods

A New Kingdom stele, found during construction work in northern Cairo, contains a list of offerings made to the gods during the 18th or 19th dynasty in Egypt. Minister of State for Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim explained that the newly-discovered stone artefact is the right section of a New Kingdom stele, on

Aztec monolith found in Mexico

A monolith depicting the Aztec god of rain has been uncovered in the Mexican state of Morelos. With agricultural images engraved on its side, the massive stone is believed to have been used by the Aztecs to call on the god of rain. "These signs on the rock are fundamentally associated with

Jester god symbol leads to Maya tomb

The image of a "Jester god", a symbol of royalty, has led archaeologists to find the oldest known burial site for a Maya ruler. "We excavated the floor of the building and just dug down until we found a lid," Tomasic says. Under the lid, about 16 inches across, ("just wide

Egyptian baboon god statue found

Fragments of a statue of a Hapi, the Egyptian baboon god, have been found in the ruins of a temple in Egypt. Archaeologists have discovered fragments of a statue of a pharaoh and an ancient god during a routine excavation at what was once the largest temple in ancient Egypt,

Earliest representation of an Egyptian deity found in Britain

A dig at the abandoned Roman city of Silchester has unearthed a bronze relic of the god of secrecy and silence: Harpocrates. A battered and corroded thumb-sized piece of bronze has turned out to be a unique find, the earliest representation of an Egyptian deity from any site in Britain