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Golfing during the Blitz

I thought this was amusing. It's a sign posted at the Richmond Golf Club in London, England that contains special rules for golfing during the Blitz in 1940. I love rule #7! I'm not sure of it's source, so if you know where it originated, let me know in the

Human remains found on North Carolina golf course

Archaeologists have been called in to examine human remains, dating back to the late 1800s, which were found during renovations on a golf course on Bald Head Island. A local anthropologist who conducted a preliminary examination of the bones said they belonged to an adult man who was buried in the

Children find possible Iron Age skeleton near golf course

Children playing near the world famous Ballybunion golf course in Ireland stumbled across the remains of what may be an Iron Age skeleton under a flat rock. Miss Mary Cahill, an archaeologist with the National Museum's Irish antiquities section was at the site on Wednesday. She said that the museum already