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Hi-res Dead Sea Scoll images put online

High resolution photos of five of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been posted for free online. Click here to view them. "Some of these images are appearing for the first time in Google — what no one has seen for 2,000 years and no scholar since the Dead Sea Scrolls were found,"

Stolen Descartes letter found and returned

A letter written by Rene Descartes which was stolen in the 19th century has been found, via Google, in a library in the United States. "I am, of course, a bit amazed at what a simple search at home from your home computer late at night can bring about," Erik-Jan

WWII historical imagery in Google Earth

Google Earth has implemented a new layer which shows how WWII bombing raids affected various cities. Many of us have heard stories, read books and watched films which show the many impacts of WWII across the world. Today we're giving you another way to understand this period in time - by

Explore Pompeii with Google Street View

Now you can explore the ancient city of Pompeii through Google Street View. Among the ruins visible on the search engine's free mapping application are the town's statues, temples, villas and theatres. Italy's Culture Ministry said it hopes that the exposure will inspire tourists to visit Pompeii to see it in the

Google to publicize Mexico’s historical sites

Google has signed an agreement with Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History to promote archaeological and historial sites on Google Earth. The government agency said it is working on more interactive and virtual tours, including 360-degree and rotating videos of pyramids and other sites. The Institute's 173 archeological sites and 116