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Medieval silver treasure found on Baltic island

A trove of 650 pieces of silver coins has been found on the Baltic island of Gotland. “This is an amazing find. It’s unbelievable that treasures of this scale exist here on Gotland,” Marie Louise Hellquist of Gotland’s County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen) told local newspaper Hela Gotland. The medieval treasure was uncovered

Viking-era coin cache found on Baltic Island

A Viking-era "piggy bank" containing thousands of silver coins from the 11th century has been found on the Baltic island of Gotland. X-rays also indicate that the bucket, which measures 23 centimetres in diameter and has a depth of about 17 centimetres, likely contains "thousands" of coins. "We can't say for sure

Thieves steal Viking treasure from archaeological site

500 Viking-era silver artifacts have been stolen from an archaeological site on the Baltic island of Gotland. Two archaeologists employed by Gotland county were dismayed to discover the valuables had vanished when they arrived at a field in Alva in Gotland to follow up on a recent find. "It's just as