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Vikings may have grown grapes

Grape seeds found at a Viking site suggest that the people have grown grapes, possibly for the production of wine. Results of the analysis could be the final piece of evidence needed to prove that wine was produced in Denmark during the Viking era, says the report. “This is the first discovery

Roman grape seeds found in Chianti region of Italy

150 Roman grape seeds which date back to the first century A.D. have been found in a well in Italy. The tiny grape seeds, unearthed during a dig this past summer in Cetamura del Chianti, were discovered in a well and are probably from about the 1st century A.D., roughly about

Wine grapes first domesticated in Turkey

DNA analysis suggests that Stone Age farmers first domesticated wine grapes in Turkey. "We wanted to collect samples from wild and cultivated grape vines from the Near East -- that means southeastern Anatolia, Armenia and Georgia -- to see in which place the wild grape was, genetically speaking, linked the closest

Grapes cultivated 8,000 years ago

A genetic study of grapes has revealed that the fruit was first cultivated 8,000 years ago. In wine there is truth, in vino veritas, as the ancient Romans put it. And the truth is that people first cultivated grapes for vino about 8,000 years ago, finds a genetics study. In the current

Byzantine olive and grape presses found in Syria

Two Byzantine presses, one for olives and the other for grapes, have been found in northern Syria. Head of the Archaeology Department Nicolas Kabbad said one of the two presses is dedicated for olive pressing and the second for pressing grapes, adding that both presses are made up of rock