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Golden horse bridle fittings found in Viking grave

The gilded fittings of a horse's bridle have been recovered from a Viking grave in Denmark. “The artefacts that we’ve already found are exquisite gilded fittings from a horse bridle. This type of bridle would only be available to the most powerful of people in the Viking Age, and we believe

Woman in Danish Viking grave was born in Norway

Researchers have determined that a woman found buried in a Viking grave in Denmark was born in Norway. “She has had bronze buckles in a warm orange-yellow colour, decorated silver jewellery capsules and a string of glass and metal pearls,” Stidsing told “She must have been quite a sight when she

Monks graves found at Fountains Abbey

Ground-penetrating radar has been employed to find 500 graves at Fountains Abbey in England. More than 500 graves of Cistercian monks and lay brothers have been discovered at one of the largest monastic ruins in the country. Experts have used ground-penetrating radar to make the find at Fountains Abbey near Ripon in

Roman necropolis found in Croatia

Parking lot construction in Croatia has led to the discovery on a Roman-era necropolis. While they were expanding the parking lot, workers uncovered a number of graves along the northern and eastern side of the foundations, and even though some of them were damaged due to construction works, thanks to the

16th century grave of Spanish priest found in Mexico City

A 16th century grave which may belong to one of the first Catholic priests in Mexico after the Spanish conquest has been found near Mexico City's Metropolitan Cathedral. The nearly 2-metre-long slab was sunk into the same level of the stucco floor of what appears to be an Aztec temple. The

17th-century grave uncovered during school construction

An unmarked grave containing human remains that date back to the 17th century has been found during construction of a new classroom at a school in Scotland. It is thought it is the site of a historical unmarked grave of what could be a plague victim. The area has been fenced off

3D Model of King Richard III’s grave

Researchers have released to the public a 3-dimensional model of King Richard III's grave. This model of King Richard III’s grave shows the king’s remains in-situ shortly after their discovery by University of Leicester archaeologists beneath a car park in Leicester in 2012. The model has been generated using Agisoft’s Photoscan

Roman artifacts found in Ethiopia

2,000-year-old Roman artifacts have been found in eleven graves uncovered in Ethiopia. She was particularly excited about the grave of a woman she has named “Sleeping Beauty”. The way the body and its grave goods had been positioned suggest that she had been beautiful and much-loved. Schofield said: “She was curled up