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Prehistoric village found in Guam

A prehistoric village made up of 15 homes has been discovered near Ritidian Point in Guam. The ancient site of at least 15 latte homes — limestone and coral pillars — is located close to the Ritidian shoreline. There also were stones lined in front of the pillars that used to be

Backhoes in Guam unearth ancient remains

Construction on the Ylig Bridge project in Guam has unearthed ancient human remains. Sandy Yee with International Archeological Research on Guam says the operator of the backhoe made the find. "It had gone through several layers of old road fill and sand deposit and we suddenly came across a burial so

Ancient Chamorro burial pit found in Guam

An ancient untouched Chamorro burial pit has been found in Agat, Guam. Guam- It's been nearly a week since an Ancient Chamorro burial pit was discovered in Agat. and since then, one local archaeologist is taking steps to advise the public on how to identify and protect this part

Construction crew in Guam finds remains of WWII Japanese soldiers

While working on a sewer-line project in Guam, a construction crew unearthed the remains of Japanese soldiers killed during WWII. So far, from the site, SWCA has retrieved some bones and a hob-nailed boot, from which a piece of shrapnel was pulled. In all, its believed that the site contains the