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Section of Hadrian’s Wall found in Newcastle

A section of Hadrian's Wall has been rediscovered in northeastern England. The section of the wall has been revealed outside the Mining Institute on Westgate Road. It was reportedly last seen during an excavation on the site in 1952. But Simon Brooks, acting general manager of the Mining Institute, said: “There was some

Evidence of illegal digs found at Hadrian’s Wall

Police are investigating illegal digs found at a centre section of Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland. The damage is understood to be caused by “nighthawking”; the illegal use of metal detectors by either unwitting amateurs bumbling through digs or unscrupulous thieves. It is thought that a rise in so-called heritage crime has been

Roman bath house found at end of Hadrian’s Wall

A bath has been found at the Roman Sugedunum Fort at the end of Hadrian's Wall in Wallsend, England. “We’ve seen enough of the remains now to be 100 percent certain that we have the site of the fort bath house. “In particular, we’ve got a Roman cement-lined cold plunged bath, which

Remains of Roman shop found near Hadrian’s Wall

The remains of six buildings, including what is believed to be a shop, have been uncovered during a dig at Roman Maryport near Hadrian's Wall. "The reason we think it may have been a shop is the fact there isn't a stone wall at the end facing the road. Instead, there

Refugee camp unearthed near Hadrian’s Wall

Hundreds of buildings thought to have housed refugees has been found near Hadrian's Wall in Scotland. A major dig close to Hadrian's Wall has revealed traces of a suspected refugee camp which would have housed tribespeople fleeing south from a breakdown of society north of the imperial border in the third

Hadrian’s Wall was originally built of wood

An archaeologist is claiming that the ditch that runs parallel to the Wall runs several feet away from it because it marks the location of a temporary wooden wall. The temporary wall ran between each of the milecastles, providing a swift means of defence against marauding Scots while auxiliaries built the

Shrine to Roman god uncovered at Hadrian’s Wall

A religious shrine to a Roman god has been unconvered at a fort along Hadrian's Wall in England. The altar dedicated to Jupiter of Doliche has been discovered next to the north gate of Vindolanda in Northumberland. Director of excavations Andrew Birley said: “What should have been part of the rampart mound