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Researchers test hair found in Romsey Abbey

Researchers have tested a sample of hair taken from a mysterious braid found in a lead coffin in Romsey Abbey. The hair is shaped as if it is still sitting on a head but there is no skull. According to the archaeologists, the white bits - visible in the photos -

Remains of Egyptian woman with 70 hair extensions found

The remains of a woman who lived 3,300 years ago in the ancient Egyptian city of Armana has been found, complete with an elaborate hairstyle made up of 70 hair extensions. She was not mummified, her body simply being wrapped in a mat. When archaeologists uncovered her remains they found she

4,300-year-old golden hair tress found by schoolboys

A group of schoolboys in England have unearthed a rare goldenen ornament believed to be one of the earliest pieces of metalwork found in the UK. Joseph, seven, said: "We were digging carefully in the ground and I saw something shiny, it was gold. "Me and Luca started dancing with joy. It

Oldest Roman hairstyle recreated

A hairdresser has recreated the oldest hairstyle in Rome, worn by the famous Vestal Virgins who guarded the fire of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. It's been incredibly elusive trying to figure out how it was made until now, because there were only two artifacts that show the hairstyle in

DNA technique developed to determine ancient hair and eye color

Researchers have discovered a new method of genetic testing which allows them to determine the hair and eye colour of individuals by using their teeth. Currently this technique works for remains up to 800 years old. They had already tried out the technique on the remains of the Polish general Wladyslaw

Australia’s Aboriginals undergo genome sequencing

A 90-year-old tuft of hair has been used to generate the first complete genome of an Australian Aboriginal, revealing some interesting findings. He, and perhaps all Aboriginal Australians, the genome indicates, descend from the first humans to venture far beyond Africa more than 60,000 years ago, and thousands of years before

Ancient Egyptians used hair gel

An analysis of an Egyptian mummies hair shows that a fat-based product was used to hold their hair styles in place. McCreesh thinks that the fatty coating is a styling product that was used to set hair in place. It was found on both natural and artificial mummies, so she believes

Lock of Napoleon’s hair sold at auction

A lock of hair from French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte has been sold at auction for over $13,000. The hair, cut from his head after he died in exile in 1821 on the Atlantic island of St Helena, was bought by an unnamed London collector. Bidders vied for about 40 items