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Stone Age “high street” found in Hampshire

Archaeologists examining a Stone Age settlement under the Solent, a straight between the English coast and the Isle of Wight, have found evidence of an 8,000-year-old "high street". "One area they were doing boat building, nearby they were on riverbanks and sand bars collecting reeds or doing a bit of fishing

Remains of Jane Austen’s home unearthed

The remains of Jane Austen's Steventon home, where she wrote drafts of Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, have been unearthed in Hampshire, UK. Debbie Charlton, of archaeologists Archaeo Briton, who led the dig, said: "Our main focus for the project is putting together the puzzle of what Jane's first

87 WWII bombs wash up on beach

87 WWII mortars washed up on a beach in Hampshire, England, prompting the Royal Navy to spend two days detonating them. The devices were stacked 300m (980ft) offshore at low tide, marked, and then destroyed at high tide. A 1,000m (3,280ft) exclusion zone was set up around the site, between the coastwatch

Britain’s oldest hospital uncovered

A site which may be that of Britain's oldest hospital has been uncovered in Winchester, Hampshire. Radio carbon analysis at the former Leper Hospital at St Mary Magdalen in Winchester, Hampshire, has provided a date range of AD 960-1030 for a series of burials, many exhibiting evidence of leprosy, on