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Hand ax made from fossilized Stegodon jaw found in China

A 170,000-year-old hand ax made from the fossilized jaw of a stegodon has been found in China. Researchers say they have identified the first example of a bone, not stone, hand ax crafted by ancient humans in East Asia. Makers of the curved, pear-shaped implement probably used it to dig up

Stone Tools may have been the first form of money

A researcher from the University of British Columbia believes that hand axes may have served as the first exchangable commodity due to their durability and utility. As humans became more intelligent, their tools become more symmetrical. "They became standardized as a result of social norms and also utility. Eventually, over time,

100,000-year-old hand axe found in Glourcestershire

A Stone Age hand axe has been uncovered in Gloucestershire, England. Archaeologists uncovered the finely-worked stone tool, which may be about 100,000 years old, on a housing development in Moreton-in-Marsh. They said they believed it may have been used by cavemen on the shores of a lake that spanned across the Midlands. The

Humans reached Persian gulf 50,000 years earlier than thought

A cache of stone tools which date back 125,000 years has been found in the United Arab Emirates, prompting an investigation in to whether humans migrated out of Africa via a shallow Red Sea. [Thx Laine!] The team’s research, published in Science, posits that the area’s climate had a role in

Giant stone hand axes found in Kalahari Desert

The dry basin of Lake Makgadikgadi in the Kalahari Desert is turning up some interesting Stone Age artifacts and shedding light on the possible migration routes and hunting practices of early humans.. Their research was prompted by the discovery of the first of what are believed to be the world’s largest