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Tool-use in humans arose before bipedalism

A new study has revealed that early hominids developed finger dexterity and could use tools before they could walk upright. In a study published today in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the researchers employed functional magnetic resonance imaging in humans and electrical recording from monkeys to locate the brain areas

Severed hands found in Egyptian palace

The remains of 16 skeletal hands have been found during excavations at a palace in the ancient Egyptian city of Avaris. The archaeologists have unearthed the skeletons of 16 human hands buried in four pits. Two of the pits, located in front of what is believed to be a throne room,

Right-handedness dominant for 500,000 years

A study of fossilized front teeth has revealed that right-handedness was dominant dating back at least 500,000 years. The oldest teeth come from a more than 500,000-year-old chamber known as Sima de los Huesos near Burgos, Spain, containing the remains of humans believed to be ancestors of European Neandertals. Other teeth