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Oldest human-shaped haniwa found in Japan

5th century human-shaped haniwa, terra-cotta figures buried with the dead, have been found in Japan. Two of the six figures depict sumo wrestlers, two are in the form of warriors, and one depicts the chair portion of a seated human. Archeologists believe the remaining one may depict an aristocrat. One of the

Bird figurine found in 5th century Japanese burial

A "haniwa" water bird figurine has been found in a 5th century burial mound in Asago, Japan. According to the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Archaeology of Harima, the clay piece, measuring 48 cm high, 21 cm wide and 44 cm long, dates to the early fifth century. [tweetmeme][Full story]Story: The Japan Times

Smiling terra cotta haniwa figurine unearthed in Japan

A terra cotta haniwa figurine has been unearthed from a fourth-century tomb in Sakurai, Japan. It is the oldest such figurine yet found. The figurine, which is holding a shield and appears to be smiling, was apparently meant to guard the Chihara Ohaka tomb, the Sakurai board of education said Thursday. [tweetmeme][Full