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Ancient naval bases found in Athens’ Piraeus Harbour

Researchers working in Greece have mapped the remains of ancient naval bases in Piraeus, the harbour city of Athens. “We have identified, for the first time, the 5th century BC naval bases of Piraeus – the ship-sheds, the slipways and the harbor fortifications," Bjørn Lovén, director of the Zea Harbor Project,

Iron cannon unearthed at Portsmouth Harbour

Dredging work on Portsmouth Harbour in England has led to the recovery of an iron cannon. Experts believe, although cannons can indicate the presence of unknown shipwrecks, it was an "isolated discovery". It is being held at the Mary Rose Museum before tests are carried out to determine its age. The cannon was

Ancient harbour of Corinth undergoes excavation

Researchers are working to excavate the harbour at Lechaion, one of Corinth's two harbour towns. Corinth ranked among the most economically and militarily powerful, and enduring, cities of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods. The city had an exceptional geographical advantage in the North East corner of the Peloponnese and controlled

18th-century weapons recovered from Alexandria harbour

French weapons from the 18th century have been recovered from the waters in Alexandria's eastern port. The find includes a collection of guns, pistols and cannons that were once onboard a French boat named Le Patriot, part of Napoleon Bonaparte's fleet during the French expedition to Egypt in 1798, said Egypt's

19th century ships and ancient harbour found off Israeli coast

Archaeologists working at Akko, one of the major ancient ports of the eastern Mediterranean, have found a fleet of early-19th century ships and ancient harbor structures that date back to the 3rd-1st centuries B.C. During the brief time the shipwrecks were exposed, the Israel Antiquities Authority investigated one of them: a